Best of Slovakia

Slovakia has a lot of hidden gems and we are bringing you short list of unique cultural and natural sites. Many of the is included in trip: Best of Slovakia tour

Spissky hrad The largest medieval castle complex in Central Europe – Spish Castle (40,000 m2) was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993. Construction of the medieval castle on a travertine hill dates back to the beginning of the 12th century. The oldest written reference to the castle is from 1120. At present there are the collections of the Spisske museum placed in the castle documenting its history, along with medieval arms and feudal jurisdiction.
Hrad Cerveny Kamen The most beautiful castle in the Male Karpaty mountains, Cerveny Kamen Castle, situated just several tens of kilometres from the Capital Bratislava. Nowadays the Castle houses a museum presenting historic housing of the nobility. Because of its unique charm, the Castle has become the venue of shooting of various films and fairy tales.
Oltar Svatej Alzbety Late Gothic wing altar with the largest collection of 48 window paintings on its wings in Europe – main altar of St. Elisabeth in St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral in Kosice. This building, rather isolated from the rest of the square, is the largest church of Slovakia and the easternmost situated Gothic cathedral of western type in Europe.
Roman Writing Trencin The Roman military settlement then called Laugaricio (today Trencin) was the northernmost point of the Roman legions of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the area of central Europe. The inscription on the steep face of the castle rock was carved in the memory of the victory over the Quads in 179 AD. The inscription is observable from the window of the view terrace of the restaurant in the local Tatra Hotel.
Bratislavsky Hrad Top Celtic oppidum in Central Europe – from the second century BC, located on the Bratislava Castle Hill and encroaching on the territory of today’s Old Town as far as Freedom Square.
Wooden Altar Levoca The 18,6 m tall Late Gothic main altar of St. Jakub church in Levoca is the tallest of its kind in the world. Made of lime wood in 1507 – 1517 in the workshop of Maestro Pavol of Levoca, it is of extraordinary artistic value, whilst the board paintings are attributed to the painter Hans.
The Moravian Venus Oldest art memory – statue of Venus (made from a mammoth tooth), 22,800 years old.
Settlement of the present spa town Piestany and its surroundings goes well back to prehistoric times, which fact has been proven by archaeological finding of Venus from Moravany - a sculpture of a woman carved from mammoth tusk from the Early Stone Age. At present, it is the oldest exhibit in the Treasury in the Bratislava Castle.
Slovensky Kras The most extensive karst area in Central Europe – Slovak Karst (440 km2) lying in the south of Slovakia next to the frontier with Hungary. There is 1100 caves and abysses, which are inscribed in the UNESCO List of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.
Dobsinska Ladova Jaskyna The largest ice cave in Slovakia and one of the largest in Europe – the Dobsinska Ice Cave. Thanks to its significance and unique ornamentation, it was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Except for the Alps, this is the only place in Europe with 110 thousand cubic metres of ice in places thicker than 25 m. The cave is also the lowest situated one in the world in terms of sea level altitude, which enhances its originality. Ice survives in the cave thanks to the form of the cave, which is similar to a sack. As the cave is situated lower than its entrance, the cold air maintains in its bottom and its temperature never increases above zero.
Maly Dunaj The largest river island in Europe – Great Rye Island (132,612 ha) lying between the Danube river and its left arm - Zitny ostrov, it is marked as the most fertile ground in the region of Slovakia and it is the biggest reservoir of high quality drinking water in central Europe. People of Zitny ostrov used the flow of Little Danube (Maly Dunaj) to drive the water millsfrom ancient times, thanks to that you can admire technical monument.
Ochtinska Aragonitova Jaskyna The only aragonite cave in Europe – the Ochtinska Aragonite Cave situated in the mountains Revúcka vrchovina in central Slovakia is a world rarity and unique natural phenomenon. It is interesting for variety and abundance of aragonite filling and a rare development of underground space. Thanks to its significance and unique ornamentation, it was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Gerlachovsky Stit The highest point in Slovakia – Gerlachovsky Peak in the High Tatras, with a height of 2655m above sea level.
Vah The longest Slovak river – River Vah
Kmetov Vodopad The highest waterfall in Slovakia – Kmetov waterfall (80m) in the High Tatras located in Koprova valley.
Banicka Skola The oldest mining university in Europe – the Mining School in Banska Stiavnica (founded in 1735).
Academia Istropolitana The oldest university in the territory of Slovakia – Academia Istropolitana in Bratislava (15th century)
Kremnica The oldest continuously operating manufacturing factory in Slovakia – the Kremnica mint, founded in 1328. Also belongs among the longest active mints in Europe
Andy Warhol Museum Museum of Modern Art, Andy Warhol, Medzilaborce – the first museum and art institution dedicated to Andy Warhol - a prominent personality of the 20th century art and the king of pop art - it is devoted primarily to the presentation of the works and life of Andy Warhol.
Apartman Lomnicky Stit The highest situated apartment in Central Europe – apartment at the top of Lomnicky Peak (2634m) in the High Tatras.

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